Friday, October 5, 2012

gps and cow hormones

I'm not scared of much. Aside from big dogs, I'm not affected by traditional fears. Heights? No problem! Public speaking? A regular part of my job that doesn't faze me in the slightest.

The one thing that does scare me - laugh if you want - is knowing that the government is spying on me and completely eroding my privacy. When I'm at work, even at the elementary school, the cameras are always recording. Walk into a store and be photographed, drive past or under any street light and the surveillance is going. I don't like it!!!!

I still struggle to embrace my gps watch. I like it, but every time I turn it on, I feel like I'm plugging into the mainline tracking system. Using it destroys the mental enjoyment of leaving my cell phone at home and being somewhat off the grid for a few hours. I'm still balancing the convenience of it against the lack of privacy that goes along with it.

Something else that legitimately frightens me is the widespread use of hormones in cows, well all food animals really. Over the summer I bought a gallon of milk at the grocery store. The "sell-by date" was July 27. In the first week of SEPTEMBER I threw away what was still in the carton. Milk is a natural food and is supposed to spoil, but this gallon didn't even smell funny. Natural food decomposes!!! Not to mention all the stories I've seen/read about kids going into puberty at really young ages, almost certainly due to all the hormones they've consumed since birth. It just scares me. I refuse to take the flu shot, so why would I willing ingest other toxins through my food?

So I made the conscious decision to stop buying grocery store milk. There is a small store in Lincoln Park called Calder's. It's a tiny store with a super limited selection, but I go for one reason only. (Ok, I always get a scoop of ice cream too...) Their milk comes from the Calder dairy in Monroe, about 30 miles south of the store. The cows are hormone free, and the milk is pasteurized, but nothing else.

I started buying the milk because it's hormone free, and it comes in a glass bottle, so as to further limit the amount and kind of chemicals I'm ingesting (in reference to chemicals in plastic leeching into the liquid). Even more than the health reasons - it's freaking DELICIOUS!!! The best milk I've ever tasted! I buy the 2% and it tastes like sweet cream. I'd been drinking grocery store skim milk for so many years that I had forgotten what REAL milk tastes like. YUM!!!

A half gallon is $2.49, exactly the same price as a gallon of grocery chemicals and hormones. I don't drink a ton of milk, so I'd much rather spend the same money on quality and health.

Dairy milk ties in to my running because I swore off grocery milk at Labor Day and switched to Calder milk and the eggs they carry - not from their own farm, but from local hormone free chickens. My running the past 6 weeks has been the best of my entire life. Did removing some hormones cause better running? Coincidence or causation? I have no idea, but for the $5 it costs a month, it's well worth it!

So far the recipe for great running seems to be:
1. no fast food
2. natural milk
3. sufficient sleep
4. unlimited supply of dedication/delusion
5. yoga (to be covered in a future post)


Running tip #7 (specific to Detroit) If you're scared of heights or bridges, run on the inside of the bridge lane.

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