Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Need inspiration?

Inspiration is definitely NOT a problem for the Free Press marathon. I'm soooooo ready and excited for it! I was ready to run it three weeks ago - why can't the last 10 days go faster????

It's funny. When I DON'T NEED inspiration to keep going, I'm being bombarded by it.

Exhibit 1: I went to the Y for one final cross-training session before my membership expired. I logged the workout on their computer system and there was a message waiting from one of the workers:
Michelle, Glad you're here today! [except I WASN'T there the day it was sent] To make exercise enjoyable you can try different strategies each time you're here. For example, read a magazine on the cardio equipment, listen to music, or chat with a workout partner while exercising. Try one of these today to see that over time this helps you to stay consistently active. Leo
I know the messages are automated, but I think it's hilarious! I know how to self-motivate!!! Even when I'm not training for a race, I still exercise 4-5 times a week (mostly so I can eat pizza and cookies but still have my pants fit). Evidently he didn't see the 21-miler I logged the previous time I was there... (ugh, that sounds so condescending :(

Exhibit 2: I was working with a 4th grade student who sneezed. Could have been a cold, allergies, nothing at all, but I immediately went into anti-germ mode. I hand sanitized, then dug in my purse. I didn't have any vitamin c drops, no zinc either. All I had was a cough drop. I took it for psychosomatic benefits. It's like the wrapper was talking to me:

Push on
Power through
Be unstoppable

How did the cough drop I bought months ago know I was training for a marathon??? Sweet synchronicity :)

Exhibit 3: The Free Press published images of the medals. This will look great with my collection!

I don't WANNA wait another week!!!! Besides, the further we go in October, the more likely it will snow on race day. I already ran through hail in the Martian - def not an experience I want to repeat.

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