Monday, October 8, 2012

The best dream

I had the best dream on Sunday night:

It was marathon day and the temperature was perfect - 62 and sunny without a cloud in the sky. I ran the race, largely in a fog, unaware of the spectators, unaware of the other runners, unaware of any pain!!
I glanced at the big clock as I approached the finish line, realizing I would hit my goal time!!! The big clock registered 4:37, my watch was exactly 4:33. I didn't even grab my medal, I was so distracted by finishing at goal time! (In the real race, my clock and watch times wouldn't be this close. I'm in the G start wave, so I'll be 10-12 minutes behind the first start, and the big clock at the finish)

My friend had hung around after his race to watch me finish mine. Totally disregarding my smelly sweat, I gave him a huge hug, as happy for him finishing his half as I was for finishing my own race at goal time. He finished sub 3-hours.

Then when I went home, I wasn't in agonizing pain, I was able to move freely, but it made me wonder...if I was in so little pain, I obviously could have run faster and harder...why didn't I?

What a great dream! What a great start to the day :)
I have an official race number - 131 :D

Running tip #8 - if it's raining, wear a visor or hat with a brim to keep the rain off your face.

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  1. That's a great dream, and great positive visualization to make that dream a reality on your race day! Love it!