Monday, October 15, 2012

The Calm

This week - like the previous 16 - is all about getting ready for the race. This week, though, is less about the running and more about everything else. At lunch I made a list of everything that needs to be done between Monday afternoon and Sunday morning.

As a sample,

Monday - post office, Salvation Army for sweater and hat, side work 1 hour, bed by 11

Tuesday - Kroger for race day breakfast, run 3 miles, side work 1 hour, Tigers at 8, bed by 10:45

Wednesday - run 2 miles, work, Tigers at 8, bed by 10:30 (dvr American Horror Story - Asylum to watch at a decent hour in the near future)

Thursday - Tigers at 4, bed by 10:15

Friday - work, expo to pick up race number, yoga, used book sale, bed by 10

Saturday - run 2 miles, different used book sale, make sure iPod and gps watch are charged, and car has gas, bed by 9

What a week!

Running tip - the Free Press advises runners to not wear headphones, but they're not strictly forbidden. Yes, you want to hear the spectators and the on-course entertainment, but it's definitely not constant, so if you trained with headphones, run with headphones (perhaps a little lower volume). Keep consistent with the training. Changing anything last minute, especially something as major as music, would totally throw me off my game!

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