Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The cavalier 11 (I'm a running snob...)

The last three weeks of Hal Higdon's training program are devoted to tapering, gradually decreasing the total mileage to give my legs time to recover and rest before the race. He says runners won't add any benefit by doing more mileage at the end, but run great risk of causing harm or damage. He claims runners are more likely to be hurt or miss their goal if they overtrain, as opposed to undertrain. It kills me to not run as far / long as my legs want, but I know what he's saying.

I searched for "cavalier" and this is what came up. Greatest car ever :)
So I've been tapering. As per the other 17 weeks of the program, Saturday was my long run, but this time it was "only" 12 miles. I had done 21 the week before, so 12 was no biggie. I find though, that I have a horribly cavalier attitude toward the shorter runs. I have thoughts like "I can run that in my sleep!" or "No biggie, I'll stay up late, run it whenever, and be done in time for the Tigers." etc.

I know, I know, it makes me sound like the biggest running snob ever, but the truth is...12 miles isn't difficult for me anymore. Yes, it's work, but it's a completely different kind of work than is a 20 miler, which takes days to gear up for mentally. 12 is over in less than 2 hours, taking my water belt is enough, without worrying about when and where to refill it.

Last Saturday was no different. Heck, one loop through the subdivision and I was done :D Early in the run I had to wait for a stoplight to cross the street. On the opposite side of the street and crossing the same way was another runner. We waved, then he took the hypotenuse side and I took the two sides of the triangle.

20 minutes later, we were on the same street again! He had taken the shorter route and we were still relatively close. I had a new goal - pass him!!!! Step by step by step I drew closer, then finally passed him. Yay!!!! A mile later, I was enjoying one of my mini walk breaks, chomping on a PowerBar gel bite when I thought I saw him out of the corner of my eye. Nevermind that I had a mouth full of gel bite, I was off! The beginning, middle and end of the story - he wasn't passing me! Period! I ran until I had to wait to cross another street and never saw him again.

This Saturday is an "easy" 8-miler. I really hope I never refer to it as a "baby run...."

Running tip - at big races, there is a photographer at the finish line. DO NOT LOOK DOWN AT YOUR WATCH!!! Look alive, smile for the photo, pose. The watch will be fine for three more seconds.

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