Monday, October 22, 2012

The Pollyanna persuasion?

Mom asked today if I feel any better about the race after a day has passed. No, I don't. I regard it as a failed race. I didn't hit my goal time, I didn't set a personal best time, I didn't even enjoy it due to this stupid cold.

I could take a different attitude to it. I could see that less than 1 percent of the world will ever complete a marathon and I just did my 4th. I could remind myself that I changed myself from non-athlete to quadruple marathoner. It was the second best time of my life, and it was done with a head cold! If I didn't stop to talk to Tammy, or pause once to pull up my knee sock, I would have hit a new pr. If I wasn't so dehydrated and walked those few extra steps so I could drink a whole bottle of water, I would have. Could have should have would have. Maybe I'll feel better eventually, but I'm still mega bummed right now.

I took a personal day from work because I really think marathons need to be the middle day of a 3-day weekend. I went for a sloooooow 1-mile walk at a 25-minute per mile pace. My legs felt good while I was forcing them to move, but the longer I sit, the more stiff my quads feel. Stairs, ramps and transitioning from sitting to standing is painful. It'll pass in a few days. The recovery seems easier each time.

It's funny. In 2010 I was pretty much the last place finisher, but I was really happy with that race because I just wanted to finish it. Now that I've gotten marginally better - and 1:25:00 faster - I'm disappointed in myself. Go figure :(

What the heck? The 2013 countdown is already on???

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