Monday, October 29, 2012

The trial run

Saturday was cold-ish and windy, cloudy. A good day to stay inside and cocoon, but it was Saturday! Saturday = run day. I don't know what else to do on Saturdays! lol

Besides, I had to get back in the running groove. After the race on Sunday, my quads were sore sore sore, but by Thursday afternoon they were as good as ever. My body was ready to run, but my cold was still raging and I was woozy. There was no reason to push my recovery, so I let it ride a few days longer.

Hal says runners can / should take off as many days as miles they ran, which gives me 26 running-free days. No thanks! 26 days off will destroy my heart and lung capacity, and turn my muscles to mush.

I went to yoga on Friday and felt fine, so Saturday was the day to try it out. I've been having headphone issues and wound up running Saturday without music, but it was ok. I just wanted a short run to get my legs moving again and test my lungs post-cold. It was fine, no problems! :)

Sunday I wanted to push myself a little harder. I wanted to run 60 minutes, but I had somewhere to be at 2pm and I have serious procrastination issues, so it wound up being 48 minutes. It was soooooo cold! The actual temperature was 41, but it was gray and windy. Somehow I was running into the wind the whole way. Crunchy leaves were falling off the trees onto me, blowing up from the ground and hitting me in the face. Many times my visor just about blew away, but I kept going for 4.85 miles. My normal running strategy is to run 0.9 miles, then walk 0.1, but I managed Sunday's run with only one walking break.

I'd say I'm as good as new! Now if the students will keep their germs to themselves!!!!

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