Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time to PANIC

I had a work meeting on Friday. There were 40 people in attendance and approximately 35 of them were sick, sneezing everywhere, coughing deep bronchial coughs. WHY DO YOU PEOPLE COME TO WORK THAT SICK?!?! I sat completely isolated in the corner away from their germs, didn't touch anything, didn't touch my eyes, nose or mouth, and hand sanitized every 5 minutes.

Two hours later - WHY DO I HAVE A SORE THROAT???????  I had a big glass of orange juice, a vitamin d pill and a mug of hot tea with honey then I was in bed at 9:15.

Saturday morning - sore throat and ears are start to hurt. At this rate, by tomorrow morning my brain behind my forehead will feel mushy and I'll be woozy. I'M SO ANGRY BEYOND WORDS!!!!!!!!!

Picked up my race number, yoga, etc. NONE OF THAT MATTERS IF I'M SICK!!!! SOOOOOOOOO FURIOUS!!!!!!!!

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