Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where are my PANTS???

It's 49 degrees, the wind chill factor is 40 and I CAN'T FIND MY PANTS!!!! I have two pairs of pants for winter running and today seems a good day for the UnderArmour tights. Small problem - I can't find them!!! It's a slight consolation to realize my lime green fleece lined undershirt is missing, as is my navy blue $2 hoodie, and the Pistons sweatshirt I bought my ex, then borrowed and kept, so evidently I moved it all somewhere in the summer, but where....??? Not in my exercise clothes basket, not under the bed, not with the sweaters. St. Anthony help me!

I buy good running stuff in multiples, so I have brown knee socks and purple knee socks, same brand, same design. The purple ones are much cuter, but they don't fit nearly as well as the brown ones, yet I can only find ONE brown sock. I'm a mess today!!!!

I searched for "running tights" in images and THIS is what I found??? haha How does one even describe such a picture??? (My tights are a boring black)

Update: I found my pants, sweat shirts and all my cold stuff in the basement. Brown sock was in the laundry pile - it never got washed last time I wore it. Thank you St. Anthony :)

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