Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 - I'm not done with you yet

Over the summer I realized time and time again how much WORK goes in to preparing for a  marathon. I was already in really good shape when I started training for the Free Press and it was still really difficult. Before my cold, I felt like I possessed SuperWoman health. I was in the best health, and best shape of my entire life, so it seemed like a total waste to stop after the one race.

Even after the race, I refused to succumb to the cold because I knew the lung capacity I had been building all spring and summer would diminish quickly and I would pant after walking up the stairs, so even with a cold, I was still running. Hal says it's ok. He says the biggest risk is dehydration, that I wouldn't risk any serious problems.

Going as far back as August, I've been looking for another race while I'm in shape. The obvious option would have been to run Chicago, then let Detroit be the second one, but my training was designed around Detroit. Even if I sped up and modified the end of training, Chicago sold out in February.

So I looked online. I don't want to fly anywhere, but after the third week of October, there aren't many local options. Here are the best I could find, and I use the term generously:

The Veterans Marathon in northern Indiana.
Pro: 3 hour drive, nice jacket for participants, Saturday race.
Con: in 2011, 200 people finished the full. It's like the Martian all over again.

The Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis.
Pro: roughly 3500 expected in the full marathon, flat course, Saturday race.
Con: 5 hour drive.

The Inland Lake Marathon near Cleveland.
Pro: not terribly far.
Con: really small field, out and back course

The Bobcat Trail Marathon in central Ohio.
Pro: hydration stations have water, PB&J, pretzels, potato chips, candy, fruit, soda and Hammer Nutrition items.
Con: 90% trail running, only 10% on asphalt, presumably hilly since it's entirely within a state park.
Interesting: Runners have the option of an early start, but those who do so " will be necessary to bring a headlamp/flashlight as well as their own nutrition and hydration supplies."

I texted one of my friends over the weekend about the race I had in mind. I know I'm in shape, my cold will be better and my lungs will have cleared from my cough. Even so, I wanted someone to tell me "yes, this is in fact a GREAT idea!" Not only did I get that, friend offered to drive with me and run. Sweet!

One of the above races will be completed. As a hint, here's a clue: 6

See you at the finish line!

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