Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nice emails

I've gotten a ton of really nice emails over the year. Here are a few:

Way back in April I commented on Nita's blog:

I've always taken significant time off between marathons (like, a year lol) so I restart with the "couch potato to 5K program." It's ridiculously easy but a nice transition from casual exercise to focused running. 
My spring marathon is tomorrow and I'm def feeling the pre-race jitters, not even about the running, but about the darn weather! I run TERRIBLY when it's cloudy and the forecast is 98% cloud cover :(

She responded:
I love that you do that. We want to enjoy running INJURY free!! It takes a lot of discipline and sometimes burying our pride to start at the beginning. But I believe you are on to something good..Sometimes we should go back a little farther to move forward a lot better!!1
I am soo sorry about your marathon tomorrow...We are supposed to get thunderstorms and I have a 10k on Sunday...I am still praying...I will be praying for you too! DO not CLAIM a terrible run for yourself...YOU stay firm on YOUR TRAINING..and not the weather. You have trained too hard to let "Mother Nature" steal your Victory!!!
After the Free Press debacle of running with a head cold, from someone who actually has completed a 4:33 marathon:
"Congrats on the marathon! You did it under circumstances that others would have just quit. You should be proud :)"
And from an Ironman:
"Sorry to hear, but good for you for sticking it out! That's a far more rare quality than even being a marathon runner!"
From a woman I used to work with:
"Congratulations on finishing the Detroit Marathon. That is a great accomplishment. Think about yourself 5 years ago. Would you have thought you would be attempting a marathon and finishing it (And not in last place!) I really appreciate the motivation you have given me these last few months. As I see your determination, it makes me stick with my walking and swimming. Keep it up."
For a few weeks in the summer, it seemed like EVERY part of  my body hurt. Both my heels hurt, my right arch was sore, right quad was tight and sore, my left hip was really sore every time I ran, my shin hurt where it had stress fractured in 2011, then my lower back felt stiff and nothing helped. 
I emailed my friend, "Right now I'd be happy to break 5 hours. I don't think my body is built for punishing runs like this."
He responded "I don't think 99.9% of peoples body is meant to run a 26.2 miler - it's an oddity. It isn't normal."
Hah! Always a good reminder :)

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