Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Off-season goals

I live a goal-driven life. I set goals, I accomplish them, repeat. It's only natural that I already have my 2013 running year planned out, and I have clear off-season goals:

1. Lose 5 pounds. I'm down 11 since June and five more will take me to the lowest weight of my adult life. Hal says runners do better when lighter. I'll test the idea :)

2. Stop the 9&1 running-walking pattern. My normal 4.85 route has become easy to run without any walking. I need to keep upping the distances.

3. Run faster!!! I know I need to go to the track and force myself to run short fast repetitions. I'm dreading it. Every training run in November has been significantly under 10:00 average pace.

4. Strengthen my core.

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