Monday, November 19, 2012

Race withdrawal

October 21 was written on my running calendar, circled in red pen, burned into my mind as my focus point from January 1st through the entire summer until it was finished. We all know how that race ended. 13 measly seconds :(

All my determination and focus shifted to the Indianapolis race, then to Columbia City. There was always something there, something I was working towards, a definite goal.

Then I finally broke 5 hours, and while I'm super thrilled about what...? Last week and especially last weekend were weird. I didn't have a race to look forward to, nowhere to drive, no trip to pack for, no special trips to the grocery store for pre-race food. I'm going through race withdrawals here!!!!!

I ran on Saturday, just because I don't know what to do with my Saturdays if I'm not running. I certainly didn't have to, and my legs were fatigued at 5 miles, but after the 5th marathon I started to actually enjoy running!!!!! Now I'm addicted!!! lol

The secretary at one of my schools is a runner and she thinks I'm crazy to do consecutive marathons, but it works for me. I get my body in shape, then maintain that level for a few weeks and do as many races as are feasible to take advantage of my fitness. I seem to heal better and faster every time, so it works for me.

But now. The Martian is FIVE MONTHS AWAY!!!!! Bah!!!! Yes, the amount of time to wait is awful, but even moreso is knowing I'll lose some of my fitness between now and then and have to rebuild it. Maintaining fitness is so much easier than building, but I can't maintain through the 2014 Goofy. I need to let my body regress a little and heal.

I looked online for yet another marathon, but there aren't any within driving distance until April. Gonna be a long winter :(

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