Friday, November 23, 2012

The problem with moderation

I seem to have a problem with moderation. It all started with the Mizunos. It made no sense whatsoever to buy one pair when the price was right and I knew they were the best running shoes in the world. I figured I would stock up when the price and quantity were right. This picture is old - there are ONLY five new pairs left! >:(

That logic seems to have spread to food. My Kroger stopped selling the good salsa, so when I was at a different location and they had it, I bought every jar. Same with the gel bites. Kroger usually charges $1.89, but occasionally they go on sale for $1 a pack. Last time I saw that price, I bought both boxes of the flavors I use (15 envelopes per box). I like what I like :D

It should go without say that I buy my cereal from Amazon six boxes at a time.

Speaking of moderation problems, here is part of the shoe collection. In my own defense, I've had the same size foot since middle school so I've been accumulating the collection over 20 years and I haven't really bought any since my favorite shoe store in Milford closed years ago. Brands that are extremely comfortable: Franco Sarto, Bernie Mev, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Caparros, Medici.

Marathoning is a moderation problem as well. I don't do one or two a year, noooooo I did 5 this year and planned 4 spring, 2 fall, and the Goofy for 2013. Two are still in the decision phase, as is a 50k. Why do one when I can do four in four weeks???

Yeah, I'm pretty much set in my ways :)

And this is just a funny picture. A Flat Stanley came to visit from San Antonio. I took him home so I could take him as my date to a Tigers game. I came home from work and he had gotten into the fridge....

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