Thursday, December 13, 2012

A good day :)

Thursday was a good day. It was SUNNY!!!!!! YAY!!!!! It was sunny when I left for work, and still sunny when I returned home at the end of the day! I texted my friend at lunch and asked her "It's 40 and sunny. Why am I working? Prime running weather!!!"

Did I want to run after work? Of course not, but the conditions were pretty good and I had to go as soon as I got home, or I wouldn't go at all. On Tuesday when I got home at 5:10 and it was already dark, I opted to not run at all, then felt disappointed in myself all evening. Tuesday was the first scheduled run I skipped since August, but I was still upset and disappointed that I gave in to the cruddy weather and darkness. As a result, I haven't run since Saturday and it was rough today.

The temperature had dropped to the upper 30s and I had to race against fading daylight. My right hamstring has been a little sore the past few weeks and while it normally loosens after 2 miles, it's never good. So there was that. My lungs were working really hard in the cold and it was just a rough run mentally. Physically I forced myself through it and finished with a better pace than I was expecting. I averaged 9:34; I was anticipating something 10+

Internet pic, but I think it's the same one
Other good stuff was working at one of my favorite schools (I can say this almost every day), scheduling a job interview for tomorrow, and a student giving me a Christmas card and Meijer gift card - grocery money!!!

Despite the gross awful weather on Tuesday, there was one good point - I found a $3 glass pig at Pier One, with pink wings!!! It's like they knew I'm running the Flying Pig Marathon! :D Since it was so cheap, I bought two and the first person to join me in Cincy gets the other little piggie. Chris from Indy? Friend from Indy roadtrip? Ironman? Middle school secretary? We can all run marathons when pigs fly. Oh wait....we already have.... hehehe

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