Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Split Personality

I laid out my Christmas presents in front of the tv cabinet. Pink Hello Kitty bag, a different pink Hello Kitty bag, pink lunch bag, pink Hello Kitty stocking. Anyone seeing a trend here??? :) I like pink, I like cuteness, I have shoes in every color and style, I change my purse every week or so. A colleague-friend once told me I looked nice. I replied "Thank you, I try."

It all changes though, the second I put on my Mizunos and UnderArmour sports bra. They're like my own personal ... what's the opposite of Kryptonite? The Cape? All of a sudden, I immediately stop caring how I look. Things like rain, snow, puddles and mud stop deserving any consideration whatsoever. Questions stop starting with "If...?" and become "How...?" "Can I...?" becomes "I can...!"

My normal self has massive germ issues, the runner picks up clothing off the side of the road because she's cold.

Normal self hates snow and cold, and tries to avoid both, even admitting she's a great big baby about the cold, runner sees bad weather as a minor inconvenience that can't interfere with Hal's prescribed mileage.

Normal self loves sleeping in late, runner wakes up early as needed to run before it gets super hot.

Normal self doesn't leave the house without wearing make-up, runner couldn't possibly care any less about that or hair or anything that interferes with function.

It's like I'm my own Janus :)

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