Friday, December 21, 2012

Back together with boyfriend Hal

Need? yes!!! Miss? yes! Love? Not so much lol
Hal Higdon is one of my favorite people, certainly one of my top ten favorites of people I've never met. I successfully used his beginner training program for the spring 2012 races, and used the novice 2 for the fall ones. Following his programs with about 98% fidelity got me to goal time, even with only marginal work on intervals or hills.

All along I was planning to use his novice 2 program again for the spring 2013 training. It took so long to get in shape that I wanted to maintain, rather than let my fitness diminish and have to rebuild it. So I've been maintaining, and my legs are in rough shape. They feel super fatigued and I asked my yoga teacher to work specifically on hamstrings tonight, as mine have been screaming. I'm not officially in training mode and already feeling so lethargic and weak? Not good!

I had planned to maintain between the spring and fall races this year, but a sprained ankle kept me from any running for 9 days, then I was very slow to rebuild because I resumed running a few days / weeks sooner than I probably should have so I kept the mileage really low, lest I hurt it worse. While it was frustrating at the time, it was ultimately for the best because it gave my legs time for REST without losing much cardio capacity. After Columbia City in the fall - it was a Saturday race - I was back to running 3 times a week by Tuesday. Is it any wonder my poor legs are exhausted?

So it was time for an immediate overhaul of my off-season training. I scrapped the cross training on Wednesday, and plan to keep it out of rotation for a few weeks. My heart and lungs are in great shape, so forcing myself to bike twice a week is just more work for my legs and isn't doing one bit of benefit. It might even be detrimental to my health, so it's off the table for now.

The other big change is getting back together with my boyfriend Hal sooner than anticipated!!! I was planning to pick up his program with 10-12 weeks to go before my first spring 2013 marathon. I looked at it again though, and we're back together this weekend. It's week 2 of 18 and the long run is 9 miles, which is completely do-able, then I'll stay with my man through the Martian. At that point, I'll have to maintain for 4 weeks, relax for a week or two, then start training again.

I guess it's official tomorrow. I'm "training for a marathon!!!" It's the perfect go-to excuse for anything I don't want to do :D

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