Saturday, December 8, 2012

Summer vs. winter

Running in the winter is a drag. I have to start by 4:30 pm if I want to finish before it's pitch black. I have to bundle up in three layers of clothing, my lungs have to work harder, my nose runs the entire time, then the cold air always gives me a dry cough for the duration of the run and a few hours after.

There is one consolation, however, that I get to wear my knee socks!!! I think running in shorts and knee socks is the cutest look ever. Besides I don't like my pants. Yes, they keep me warm, but they don't fit as well as the shorts, so as long as it's over 35 degrees, I'm in shorts.

Rather than wear a solid color knee sock or something boring, I try to find the ugliest designs I can haha The only bad thing is that the purple ones don't fit snug on my calves, so they slip down after a half mile. As a result, they have been downgraded to gym wear. The others fit perfectly and don't move for 26.2 miles. Whee!!!

The only real criteria I have for socks - aside from being hideous! is that they be Merino wool. I used to wear SmartWool exclusively, then I found the gray ones in the clearance bin at REI. They're REI brand and 1/3 the price of SmartWool. I wore them once and all was good. The red, yellow and gray pair are DarnTough and they have a lifetime warranty. If I can wear them out, the company will replace them. Sweet :)

I must spend too much time working at Cabrini High School, where the students wear uniforms, but the girls are free to wear whatever socks they want. I have seen some seriously ugly socks that wouldn't match ANYTHING! It's funny though.

I wore the brown ones for every race in 2012. I'm thinking burgundy for 2013. If I wear the same socks to every race, I can quickly and easily look at a photo and know the year :)

For comparison, here are my winter and summer socks. Yes, they used to be white at one time. Ewwww. I think Mom has darned every pair when my toes poked holes through the seams. $12 for footies is too expensive to replace because of a little hole! All are SmartWool :)

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