Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in pictures

First race: Martian marathon in Dearborn, Michigan. Medal is cute, but the back of the shirt is ALL sponsor logos. Same shirt for half and full. Round neck. I rarely wear it.

Second: Toledo. I really like the medal because of its simplicity. Shirt is a v-neck and fits, so I wear it often, despite its ugly color. Got a glass beer mug at the finish line, even though it's too small for a pint.

Third up: Detroit Free Press. I like the design of the shirt, but I'd like the text on the back to be much larger. Their medals are always great.

Indianapolis Monumental. Shirt is basic white and several sponsor logos on the back. I like the v-neck and simplicity of the front, so I wear it fairly often. Hat at the finish line was much needed that day. The half medal was the same, but the ribbon was red.

I realized I don't have a picture of my jacket and medal from Columbia City, but I've already posted a picture of the jacket. I used my Christmas gift to buy this medal hanger. CC is the right-most medal.

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