Monday, January 21, 2013

Five days in...

I weighed myself on Wednesday then got serious about my weight for the upcoming spring race season. Five days in and I'm down 4.4 pounds. Sweet!!! I know it's mostly water and it's definitely an unsustainable pace, but it feels great to have such a good start.

The past times I've lost a few pounds, it's been 100% about looking better, but this time I don't especially care how I look, it's completely about how I feel, and how that translates to running. I'm sticking with my exercise program, particularly the weight training because I can't lose muscle! I'd rather maintain fat than lose muscle at this point.

Hal always stresses lower weight for better times, and that's reason enough, but finances tend to be an even bigger motivator for me. I didn't pay entry fees ranging from $40 (Columbia City) to $175 (Chicago - registration opens Feb. 19) to just show up, or to half ass it. If I'm shelling out that money and the time to train, I'm going to be fully committed to running the best marathons I possibly can.

2010 was about finishing one for the bucket list, 2012 was about proving to myself that I can run a respectable time. 2013 is time to be serious, even if it takes over my entire life. If? hah! I'm forcing running to take precedence over all else. I told my friend I won't be dating anyone until after Cincinnati because not eating restaurant food and being in bed by 11 really puts a damper on things. "I can meet you for black coffee but have to leave by 9." Yeah, I'm sure they'll line up for that lol lol Either that or date a long distance runner and have "running dates."

Today is a problem though because it's "No exercise Monday!!" Some weeks I spend from Tuesday through Sunday looking forward to Monday and it's the highlight of the week. The past few months, however, I've dreaded Mondays because I can't exercise. It always feels like a waste of time, a waste of potential. There's no reason to exercise all 7 days a week, six is enough. At least Hal says so and he's doing all my thinking for me until May 5. Love you Hal!

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