Sunday, January 27, 2013

The horrible awful surprisingly nice day

My nephew's birthday party was Saturday. He lives in Milford, which means running at Kensington!!! The temperature was 20 when I left and the wind chill was 18, so virtually NO wind. Sweet!!! I had halfass plans to meet up with a runner I've been texting with since the summer but never met. I always start at mile 3.5 on the running path. He said "Running late. going to start area 0 mile. we will pass! Green hat lol" Great clues, eh? I didn't put too much faith in that working out.

The path at Kensington is 8.2 miles. I asked at the entry gate if the whole path had been cleared. The guy working said 5 miles of it was clear, the rest was being used for cross country skiing. I wasn't planning to run a full lap anyway, so I guess it was ok. Besides I was already dressed and there.

Pulled into the gravel parking lot and realized I had a flat tire! Boo!!!! Yet, I knew it would still be flat in another hour, and I had paid for a daily pass, so I just let it sit.

The path was busy, but it was a mess. I was surprised (and disappointed) because it's normally clear within minutes of the snow ending. Yesterday it was slushy and slippery, but not enough snow to warrant the snow chains for my shoes. I had forgotten how brutal and constant the hills are at Kensington!!! Gah that sucked!!!

Hal said to run anything in the 4-6 range so I decided to do exactly 4 and call it a day. I ran 2 miles, turned around and ran back. On the way back, who passed me, but a guy running alone in a green hat!!! We ran together back to my car then he kept going while I dealt with my tire. Having someone to run with was soooooooo nice, especially on the hills. So many times I would have walked and dismissed it as a bad day, but it's hard to walk with a partner because no one wants to say "I can't keep up. Let me walk." So I finished without wimping out.

I was parked in a gravel lot that was covered in 2-3" of snow and I really didn't want to deal with the spare tire, so I aired it up, knowing I only had to drive 2 miles to the gas station because I needed gas. In the 2 miles and 5 minutes it took to drive, the tire was completely dead again. Naturally the spare was buried under a pile of stuff in the trunk and it was 20 degrees.

I jacked up the car and started loosening the lugnuts, but they just weren't budging!!! I called my brother and asked him to send Dad who had already arrived for the party. The man at the next pump asked if I needed help. He said he heard me on the phone, and could he help? Yes, please! It's always nice to be reminded that nice people are out there, that not everyone is an A-H.

My car is 13 years old and at some point in those 13 years I lost the torque wrench that goes with the spare. I had a multi-size generic t-shaped one, and it worked for most of the lugnuts, but one was stubbornly refusing to budge. There was a car parts shop next door, so I had to go buy a wrench the right size and the last lugnut finally loosened.

Naturally my spare tire was kind of soft, but several years ago Mom gave me money for Christmas. I bought a backpack and used the remaining $20 to buy a Craftsman air compressor. It's small, and I've used it countless times. So that was easy enough to inflate.

Then it was time for my nephew's birthday party. The tire could wait a few hours, and he's only 4. Went to Milford High School for his pool party, then while I was swimming with the kids, Dad took my car to replace the flat. Such a great surprise! I hate dealing with car shops and schiesty car people.

After the party he asked if I wanted to go out for dinner. Yup! Who says no to free dinner??? :) We went to Vinsetta Grill, but I kept raving about the macaroni and cheese at Vinsetta Garage across the street. While I was parking my car and walking in, he ran across the street and got me a big carry out of mac and cheese. Yum!!!!!

The flat tire was definitely crappy, but the day got better as it went. Plus, it was sunny, which makes everything better and with the lack of wind, I barely noticed it was only 20 degrees! :)

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  1. I love running at Kensington...Funny the first time I met my running partner there I too got a flat tire in that parking lot!!