Saturday, January 5, 2013

The long Saturday

It's Saturday and I'm not running. Everything about this situation is all wrong!!! Yes, there have been a few Saturday runs that got postponed to Sunday due to weather or time conflict or whatnot, but I have no plans of running tomorrow either. It's the first weekend in well over a year that I haven't run, probably dating back to September 2011.

Taking a break to rest is killing me, but I don't know if I could run in pain through May 5, and if I forced it, my time would probably suffer greatly. So I'm making myself rest. At least I'm doing it now, instead of March when my training mileage will be the highest.

Even if I don't do a long run for the entire month of January, I'll still have 10 weeks of training before the Martian. Regaining fitness will be faster and easier than building in the first place. Even if I re-build too quickly and develop shin splints, I'll have time after Cincinnati to rest again. In fact, I'm going to force myself to rest a week or two after Cincy and be deliberate in incorporating rest as part of training. Then I'll listen to my boyfriend Hal and follow his plan for the first 4 weeks post-marathon.

I went to yoga twice this week and I feel pretty good. Pigeon is my favorite pose for stretching glutes and I've been doing it a few times every day. Warrior 3 is good for strengthening the glutes, as is half moon, squats don't hurt either. Maybe I'll get a massage next week. Everything will be fine.

Hal says it's ok...

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