Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big calves :D

Are these not gorgeous???
My favorite boots are beige suede with white rabbit fur on the front. My brother and his wife have told me numerous times they're hideous, but I absolutely disagree! They're warm and pretty and so soft, I just want to pet the rabbit fur. I paid an arm and a leg for them, and of my 200+ pairs of shoes, they're my absolute favorite.

They also don't fit any longer because my calves have gotten too big. Likewise, my "hooker" boots that I bought from Gantos during college are a major struggle to zip closed. I'm bummed about the boots, yet I love having big calves as a result of so much running :)

Two Saturdays ago I went with Indy to his gym. After doing my 6 miles and horsing around with the chin-up equipment, I sat down to peel off my knee socks while we chatted about what to do for dinner.

"Oh my goodness," he interrupted himself, "Your calves are huge."

"Thank you," I replied.

"I meant it as a compliment," he clarified, reaching over to touch the muscle.

"That's how I took it," I said, flexing the muscle to make it harder.

Greatest compliment!!!! I take it for granted that I have big quads, but big calves is always a sign to me that I've become a real runner ;) Wheee!!

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