Thursday, February 7, 2013

Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

Two points of irony...

If any man ever tried to tell me to lose weight, I'd kick him in his man parts and be out the door before he could stand up. Hurray for self esteem!

Yet I'm losing weight this spring only because my "boyfriend" Hal Higdon said to. He certainly didn't say "Michelle, you're overweight. You need to drop ten by April 13." All he said was that his runners generally have their best times at their lowest weights. In reading that, my brain processed LOSE WEIGHT => BEST MARATHON TIME. Reason enough :) Besides, I'm not losing weight to look better or to impress a man (pfft!). I'm doing it solely to improve my running!

To understand the other point of irony, I need to mention how much I DESPISE being cold!!! I'd rather be hungry, thirsty, hot, or all three. I'd rather sit on an airplane than be cold! Hal said to run 7 miles today and I pretty much resigned myself to doing it at the gym, because there wouldn't be enough time after I worked and went to an appointment. 7 miles on a dreadmill? Ugh, shoot me now :(

Imagine my great surprise when I finished my appointment and it was still light out. I knew if I ate a quick bite of food and went immediately, I should have just enough daylight to eek out the run. I didn't even have time to look for a clean bra. I just grabbed the one I wore yesterday, along with the same dirty pants and dirty socks. I was gross today. Yet I got out there and got it done.

It felt GREAT!!!!! I never ever imagined I could or would be so thrilled to run over an hour in the 30 degree cold! haha :)

Here are some great pictures of irony because they're just darn funny :)

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