Thursday, February 21, 2013

No one ever said "I regret working out today"

Thursday was supposed to be an 8 mile day. It was also ridiculously cold and windy. The sun was nice, but it was cold cold cold, and I knew in my bones there was no way in the world I could / would run that far / that long in such cold. If I attempted it outside, 8 would become 5, would become 3 or less, essentially a wasted opportunity.

The other option was to hit the dreadmill AGAIN. Oh I just couldn't stomach the thought of going nowhere fast for 80 minutes.

I realized that between the two bad choices, I would inevitably choose option 3: do nothing. "If you choose not to decide, you still have a choice," and in this case - a terrible choice!!!!

She needs to raise the seat :)
I finally told myself I HAD to get off the couch and do something, and that biking would still work my legs and my heart. It was all I could handle today and it was GREAT!!!! Initially I had planned on doing 60 minutes. I wound up doing 45, then did some weights on my upper arms and my abs. It felt so great!!!! I'm sooooo glad I did something!

It might be justification, or it might be truth, but I feel like I can take a little leeway with the mid-week runs on Hal's program. I'm not building from scratch. I'm not even building. I'm just getting back in the groove. It's like riding a bike! lol I've said that to numerous marathoners who took years between races and it's funny but I absolutely believe it.

The body knows what to do! The hardest part is training your mind, and being disciplined to overrule the tired body. Once you can force yourself to finish a marathon, you can do ANYTHING!!! While 17 was abysmal on the treadmill last week, it wasn't difficult like it had been the first few attempts at such a distance.

Hal says:
(or in my case, the day you break 5 hours)
Yes, Hal, it's when you realize ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! You realize all the limitations are in your head. Open your wings and fly!!!!!! If you fall, pick yourself up, learn how to do it better and try again!!!! Mulligans CAN be a way of life!!!! (Wow, I'm sure waxing philosophical while waiting for chicken to defrost lol)


In other news, the Chicago debacle rages on. Registration is still suspended while active sorts out the multiple entries. At one point I was on the "confirmed" list 6 times. My credit card was charged twice and Chicago sent an email that it should be credited within a few days. A very nice surprise caveat was "...if you have been charged overdraft or other bank fees due to the duplicate charges, please contact..."

Me thinks active won't be running their registration next year... I honestly think Chicago will have to go to a qualifying or lottery system, like the other Majors. They claim 30,000 were able to register in the few hours it was open and it sells out at 45, so there's definitely demand. So thankful I got in before the qualifying times hit the fan :)


  1. Michelle..That is crazy about Chicago..I am out of that loop. Confirmed 6 times...Kinda funny. Charged 2 times...not so funny.
    You ROCK Girl!

  2. They refunded my extra charge today, so it's ok. Chicago is trying to figure out a "timely, fair, and effective registration solution" for the remaining 15,000 spots. Nothing is expected to be announced for at least another week. Such a mess!!!!