Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday, what a day! I've waited all week for you!

In early January I realized I was showing the exhausting effects of overtraining, and my races were still 3.5 months away. I made the executive decision to immediately take the post-marathon break I should have taken in November, then use Hal's "reverse-tapering" program for four weeks to get back into training mode.

I did so for three weeks, then it made sense to jump back to the full on training program, rather than finish the fourth week of "reverse-tapering." Why it made sense was that yesterday's Saturday run was "only" 13 miles, rather than 17 for next week. It seemed tons easier to jump from 6 to 13 to 17, than from 6 directly to 17.

Saturday's forecast was really cold, and I couldn't handle the thought of using a treadmill for 13 miles, so I had pretty much decided to buy a day pass at the Y. Sure, I could handle 130 laps of the track...

The alternative would have been waiting for Sunday when it was supposed to be warmer. The question became which is better for my running - sunshine or 10 additional degrees? 

After breakfast and watching the UMich basketball game, I realized it really wasn't that cold, and 100% sunny so I bundled up and went out for my run. 

It got done. 

It was the longest run I've done since the Columbia City marathon on November 9. Pace-wise I averaged 11:00 over the entire distance, which is slower than my race goal pace, but I'm not too concerned, given the cold temperature and having to walk numerous times because of the snow / ice from people who didn't shovel.

My 2012 Free Press split was 2:25, so I guess a 2:27 yesterday wasn't bad at all. Huh I just realized how close it was. Yesterday was actually 13.44, which is longer than a half. Granted, my FP was slower than I wanted it to be because I had a stupid head cold, but it was pretty good to get close to what I did in a big race.

Got home and my butt was sooooooo cold and numb. My fingers were too cold to type, so I took a long hot shower, then got my "post-long-run-and-I-refuse-to-feel-guilty-for-eating-this" dinner. It's also the one free meal I take from eating well. Yesterday was two deep fried soft tacos and a fried ice cream. Yum! I ate it all and didn't feel one bit bad about it! Today I was back with the program.

Next up? 17 miles. I hope hope hope for good weather!!!

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  1. Nice Job Michelle,
    Funny as I read this it is like I can hear you speaking to yourself. We sure do a lot of thinking when it comes to our long run!
    Those sure are a lot of laps...I don't think I could have done it either. I get dizzy thinking about it!
    Great run!