Monday, February 25, 2013

Soooooooo glad I ran today

Last week my night school boss called. She has called me twice in the eight years I have worked there, and both times were to cancel a class, so my first thought was that she was canceling my only class this semester, three weeks in.

This call was quite different. The teacher they hired to teach GED and GED math had to leave, and did I want to teach either or both classes for the rest of the semester? Yes, absolutely, but I had to think with my legs and my training and rational ideas, not just think with my bank account. What would Hal Higdon do....? 

Naturally the classes were on Tuesday and Thursday, both of which are running days. It would be too easy if one of them was on "no exercise Monday." Last year I was there four nights a week and my  health and training both suffered. I spent way too much on spring races to let that happen again with seven weeks to go. So I said I would do the GED math, and if she still needed me for the traditional GED after spring break, I could do it then. Besides, the one class will finance my running habit for 2013 (with the exception of the Goofy, which already has the entry fee earmarked).

Long story to explain why I had to juggle my running schedule. It's no longer "no exercise Monday," but "no exercise Thursday." Today was my first running Monday in two years and it was an all around great day! It was sunny sunny sunny and 39 degrees. I wore leggings, but would have been fine in shorts. With the forecasted snow, it's likely the last good run I'll have for several days. 

It didn't matter that I was tired. It didn't matter that my quads were a little stiff from Saturday's monster run. They loosened up after a few miles. My legs weren't thrilled to be running again, but I fought off the "let's just walk" monster on my shoulder who kept whispering to me.

Pace wise I did my normal bell curve pattern of each mile getting progressively slower until the middle one, when they start getting progressively faster each mile. Final overall pace was 10:12. I'll take it!

Here Piggy Piggy.... I'm going to have so much fun with the Cincy marathon. I expect my best spring time at Toledo, but Cincy will be the most fun, the most entertaining by a landslide. This little piggy went to market... They published this picture to show the 2013 medal is bigger than ever, and women like big things LOL Besides, who doesn't want a pink ribbon????? Or be able to say "I'm doing a 4-way in Cincinnati." The double entendres are endless!!!!


  1. It's funny as I read this I was thinking of my husband. A few days ago we had that really bad Sunday morning and I had not idea how I was going to run my long run outside. Andy said "Nita, you gotta switch things up."
    Well It looks like you are doing just that! Sounds like a good thing too! Congrats on the extra work!
    And Thought it was funny...The day your Ipod batteries went dead ...My Ipod LITERALLY died!!


    1. My favorite pink iPod died at the starting line of the Indianapolis marathon. I already had the flu... Worst timing EVER!!! It's so hard to run without music when you've trained with it all along :(