Friday, February 15, 2013

The horrible horrible dream :(

I don't normally plan races super far ahead of time, because there is so much that can happen in a year. Injury would be the biggest concern, but pregnancy could befall a race, no time to train, etc. Yet I committed in my head to the Goofy 1 1/2 years ahead of time. I made the final decision in June 2012 that I would run the race in January 2014 and that's a long long time to have something planned.

Flights aren't available yet, but as soon as they are, I'll buy my non-refundable ticket for the first flight on Friday morning, even though I can't register for the race until April. I don't love Orlando and I don't plan to go to the park. My trip is specifically to run the Goofy (because yes, I'm a little Goofy).

Last night I dreamed that I boarded the plane and everything was fine, until my engineer friend who happened to be on the same flight noticed that it was leaking oil. We had an emergency landing in Cincinnati, but rather than put us on another plane, they planned to drive the plane back to Detroit. What the heck???

I was immediately on the phone with the airline to get myself on the next flight to Orlando!!! The woman I spoke with was terribly unhelpful.

"There seems to be a lot of air traffic to Orlando today," she said.

"Yes! There are 60,000 people coming in for the race!"

"I can get you in tomorrow afternoon," she offered, as if that was helpful.

Noooooo I needed to get to Orlando on FRIDAY afternoon to pick up my race numbers. No numbers, no running, no Goofy medal. Getting to the park wasn't a priority, being there in time for the races was everything.

I reminded her of the passenger rights "law" that she had to get me on the next available plane, even if it was with a different airline.

I woke up before the story ended, but what a rotten dream. It's going to be a mega-expensive weekend and a cancelled flight would be abysmal, especially when it was too late to drive. Bummer. Lousy start to the day :(

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