Thursday, February 14, 2013

The very expensive run

Thursday is shaping up to be a really expensive run. My friend asked me to sub for her night class. Of course I said yes, but working my normal day job then teaching for her wouldn't leave enough time to run on a day that Hal has me running 8 miles.  I see my last student after school, so I told her I can't stay today. In making that choice, I give up $18 of work.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the night school called and asked me to sub for another teacher from 3-5. I certainly need the money, but I need to run too, especially since I didn't run on Wednesday because of work. After about a half second deliberation, I regretfully said I couldn't make the earlier class.

I have priorities, man! Hal wants me running four days a week, cutting it to three days this week is bad enough, but going down to twice this week would be really bad. Would it be the end of the world? Of course not, but running is really good for physical and mental health. That's worth more than a few extra dollars.
I took a funny picture of the juxtaposition of my lunch. I thought I had posted it here, but it's gone now. Let me see if I can figure it out. Anyway, I brought a super healthy lunch, but the teachers had a valentines day salad bar, with croissants, cheese, spinach pie, and a huge smorgasbord of desserts. They invited, even insisted that I eat. I took a cupcake and brownie bites, nothing more, thank you :) Funny contrast of a bowl of whole wheat cous cous, chicken and veggies with a red velvet cupcake. At least I took off the conversation hearts on top!

I could have done so much worse. Willpower - 1 point! Hal would be so proud :)

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