Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Whatchu talkin' 'bout?"

If you let your mind go in the gutter for a minute, a lot of comments about running sound blatantly sexual. So here is a little quiz for my readers - decide which of the following statements are about running, each of which I have personally said:

1. Real runners go all the way.

2. I'm slow, but I can go forever. (Ironman has the same attitude lol)

3. I go through a ton of vaseline so I buy the value size container.

4. I'm doing a 4-way in Cincinnati this spring.

I had coffee with my minister's wife and she said "There's really nothing else for such a good full body release."

What's the verdict? Get your minds out of the gutter, you sickos! They're ALL about running, they just sound overly sexual, which makes them funny :)

The actual points of reference were

1. when I thought about switching to half marathons but decided against it.

2. regarding my pace.

3. to prevent chafing.

4. 4-way race is the 10k on Saturday morning, the 5k an hour later, and the full marathon on Sunday.

She and I were talking about running and how I was climbing the walls when I took off two weeks to recover and because I was fighting bronchitis.

See? All perfectly innocent statements :)

Update: Cincinnati posted a teaser of the medal. They won't reveal the design until after the race, but it's significantly bigger than in past years. A woman commented on facebook: "Wow, that's big! Women like big things!" lol hilarious :P


  1. Ha Ha..Thanks for the laugh..I needed it!

    "Run Hard!"

    1. The male runners should go big or go home lol :)