Sunday, March 17, 2013

A terrible terrible long run

I felt like crap all week. I went to bed at my normal 11pm or earlier, but I was still so exhausted, and the Saturday forecast did nothing to boost my energy - cold and overcast, with ZERO chance of sun. Aaaaargh!!!!

No idea who she is, but that's what the sky was like. Hate it!!!
I slept for 11 hours on Friday, then woke up to a text from a running friend who said "great day for a 15-miler." Without any inflection I had to ask "sarcasm?" Yes, very much so. He's good about running early in the day, so it was worrisome that he hadn't started his run yet by 1pm.

I was no better because I was DREADING the run. It had snowed on Friday night, it was cold, and it was sooooo overcast. It wasn't even cloudy, just a complete lack of sun. Bah! I hate that!!!! I can handle the cold, but give me some sun!!!!!!

I didn't even have the energy to drive up to Hines Drive to run along the Martian course. I just did my 10-mile loop around the neighborhood and it couldn't end fast enough.

I finished 10.8 miles at an average pace of 10:34 and I have no idea how I managed that fast of a pace because it felt terrible.

Friend texted me after his run and was complaining so much that I finally had to ask if someone needed a waaaaaambulance. It seems like everyone who ran yesterday had a terrible go of it. Stupid Michigan weather.

I hope I don't have another run that crappy until my spring AND fall races are over.

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