Sunday, March 3, 2013

A weighty quandary

I weighed myself on January 16 then I got serious about losing weight on January 18. As of this morning, I was down 10.5 pounds. The really frustrating part - I don't see any difference!!! But I'm not losing to look better, I'm losing to run better, so what I look like is largely immaterial.

Is it working? Yes, but I can't say the weight loss is definitively why my running is better. My times certainly aren't better, but it feels like less work. Running actually feels pretty easy now compared to how it felt last year.

There are two big variables though. One is losing weight, the other is that this is the third time I've successfully completed a marathon training program without injury, both of which are significant variables and either could be the sole reason for my easier runs.

I'd like to lose 2.5 more and the Martian is 6 weeks from yesterday, so I'll get there :)

My Saturday run wasn't great this week. The weather was gross and nasty - 100% cloud cover and seriously cold. Did I run outside and freeze in the gloom? Or did I run inside and bore myself silly? Neither choice was good :( I finally dragged myself inside and it better be the last time I do so until December!!!!!

Hal said to run 13. I made it to 12.55 and said to heck with it. No difference was going to be made or lost in those last 0.45 miles. My time was terrible, as it usually is on the dreadmill.

All week long I had been planning to eat Chicken Shack with a big Dairy Queen blizzard for dinner, but as soon as I got to my car, I thought "I want Mexico Way!" It's a tiny, divey restaurant in Ecorse that I always preface with "I've never gotten food poisoning..." They have the greatest burritos and five of them satisfied my hunger and my junk craving for the week :)

Last time I was at REI I bought the Amphipod belt Nita had recommended. I didn't love it, but REI has the greatest return policy, so I figured I'd try it, then take it back if I didn't like it. I take my water belt on my long runs, so yesterday was possibly the only long run I'll have to try it before the marathons. I put my camera in it so the weight was correct. I like to wear my race number belt up high on my rib cage, so that's where I wore this. The weight of the camera kept dragging down the back, though, so after two minutes, I pulled it down to my hips. I normally avoid things on my hips because they inevitably creep up to my waist, but the weight of the camera kept this belt in place and I wore it for the first hour, pretty much unaware of it. It'll work.

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