Monday, March 18, 2013


When the Martian marathon posted their medal in January, it was a hideous shade of chartreuse. They posted another picture and this one looks more like a grass green. In either case, I don't imagine I'll rank it among my favorites, or among the prettiest I've earned. The eyes were cut out in 2012 and I can't tell from this picture if it's the same.

The medals are different for the races as well. They are engraved Marathon, Half marathon, and 10K. I like that.

Another change was regarding my day off. I tried "no-exercise-Thursday" one week and I didn't like it one bit. I've been taking off Mondays for a few years and I've gotten used to it. Besides, my legs need to rest after my long Saturday run.

The last student I see on Thursdays has a half day this week, then night school doesn't meet next week, so I only had to miss one day with the student to go back to my normal schedule. During the four weeks of races, I just won't run on Thursdays, then after May 5, I can be more relaxed with the running schedule.

I remembered the third change - Columbia City changed the course!!! Marathoners will now do two laps of the half course. I have definite mixed feelings about this. Yes, the first half was tons easier, less hilly, more spectators, less wind, so I anticipate a better time this year. They made the change for safety reasons, and to provide more spectators and hopefully everyone will have better times. Yet part of me is disappointed because the second half was soooooooo hard. It's the type of course that really puts hair on your chest and one day I could tell my grandkids "This one year... when I ran Columbia City...." and they'd roll their eyes and think I was exaggerating, yet we all know truth is stranger than fiction.

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