Sunday, March 10, 2013


I woke up Saturday morning gagging on a big green loogie. Ok that's probably the grossest thing I've ever written and it was an awful way to wake up :( My day didn't get much better from there.

I was invited to two little kid birthday parties and forced to decide "Who do I love more?" It's an impossible question. Before I could go to either party, though, I had a date with my shoes to run 20 miles. I knew it would take close to 5 hours by the time I drove to the park and actually ran, so I ate breakfast and went immediately.

So often I've dreaded my 20-miler, but this time I just took it in stride. I knew I had to do it, I knew I could do it, so set aside the time and get it done, girl!

It was cold-ish, and I was probably dressed a little too cold for the weather, but I didn't have any extra clothing in my car and no time to drive home for more, so I sucked it up and dealt with it.

I've had a slight head cold all week and I was a tiny bit woozy yesterday, but nothing as bad as the Free Press marathon. It was even a little nice to look at my watch and realize "Wow! I've already run 17 minutes?!"

It was mostly sunny and my body felt good. I didn't feel any massive pain or agony or exhaustion. So often my body is screaming to walk, but I went the first HOUR with only one 1-minute walk. Sweet!

For some reason it seemed a good idea
 to walk up and down the 174 steps...
It didn't get much harder from there. At mile 10 I stopped for a minute to stretch and turn around and I still felt great. Everything was really good until mile 15 when I ran out of water and all the park restrooms were closed for the winter. Booo!

When it was all said and done, I ran 20.22 miles at an average pace of 11:02. My best race pace was Columbia City where I averaged 11:22, so yesterday was really really good. It was 40 degrees and I had a minor cold, and I still bested my best pace by 20 second per mile! Sweet!!!

If I extrapolate the numbers a little and assume I could finish 6 more miles at 12 minutes each, which seems to be appropriate for the end of a race, it would have been a 4:52 finish. Add in warmer weather and a healthy runner and I HAVE THIS!!!!

I was on Hines Drive again and yes, it's still boring! It was marginally more tolerable when it was sunny, so I just may get through the Martian. De-sensitizing myself to the boredom seems to be working :)


  1. Great Run Michelle, We really have similar long runs!
    I thought a lot about that long run you did a couple weeks ago in the snow all alone yesterday when I realized no one was coming to my rescue.
    YOU are going to have a great marathon, I see a PR for sure!
    Hope you feel better. Get some rest, enjoy your recovery and look forward to TAPER!!! I know I am!

  2. Training alone is a drag, but if I waited for company, I would have missed out on completing 6 marathons, traveling to Europe, following the Tigers around the MLB etc.

    Not taper time yet - I still have my 22 miler!!! My spring races will be over so soon though and I'll think "That's it?!"