Saturday, March 23, 2013

Running on empty

Hal said to do 20 miles today, the biggie training run. I had decided months ago when I wrote my training program in pen that I would upgrade it to 22, in the attempt of pushing back or eliminating The Wall during the race.

It was a good plan, but I didn't anticipate getting sick. I slept 11 hours after a healthy serving of Nyquil, and while I felt so-so, it was far from good. I was up at 9 am, but it was freezing cold and gray. The forecast kept promising 37 and sun, so it made sense to wait a few hours and see if it improved.

Thankfully it did, but the whole time I was getting dressed, running was at the bottom of the list of things I wanted to do. Every fiber of my body was screaming to take a hot shower, put on clean pajamas, and lay down on the couch for the entire day.

I could run on Sunday, but I hate Sunday running. Besides there was no guarantee the weather or my health would be any better. Either or both could be worse. Hal always says once a run is missed, you can't make up for it, even if it's a long run. Once the opportunity has passed, it's wasted. I've read that so many times, and I understood it, but I still did not not not want to run!!!

Yet it was like my little Hal Higdon angel was sitting on my shoulder whispering "Just try."

So I did. The body can do incredible things when the mind stops limiting it. I went up to Dearborn to run the Martian out and back course again and after 2 miles, I wanted to turn around and go home, but Hal was there again telling me I was already dressed and on the course, go a little further.

I made it to 11 miles then turned around and went back to my car. Around mile 14 my body was completely shot, but the car was still 8 miles away. I've never been more tempted to hitchhike than I was today.

But I didn't. I put on my big girl pants and got through it. Final distance was 22.28, final time 4:19. My pace was 11:39, which was definitely slower than I wanted. It was significantly slower than my 20 mile pace, but it was better than my Free Press pace of 11:47, another time I was sick.

Sheesh, if I can get through these woozy head runs, I can get through anything!!!!

Wishing all the Rock CF racers the best of luck tomorrow!!!! Dan who's running the half, my two favorite secretaries who are running the relay together and Diane, in her very first race ever, the 5k. You will all do great!!!!!!


  1. great JOB MICHELLE!
    I have been waiting for this post. I am so sorry you were still sick. I know when I sick Nyquill is all i can take to help me sleep. Love that stuff.
    But running in less that perfect physical conditions really gives you an advantage. It is So much mentall that you conquered. You know that your body can do it but the mind likes to try and trump everything you know better than.
    You are going to do soo good! Great job!


    1. Thanks. I know ANYTHING can happen on race day, including head colds, the flu, hail, rainstorms, etc., so the more I can force myself to run under lousy conditions, the better I'll be able to handle anything. At least that's the idea...