Friday, March 22, 2013

Ugh, another tweet I wish I could unsee

Hal just posted a link to the following story:

runDisney Introduces New Race, New Challenge, New Medals to Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Today, runDisney reaches another milestone as we expand the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna with the addition of the Walt Disney World 10K, the Dopey Challenge, new medals and the return of the popular Runner’s World Challenge.
In 2006, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend had a big year. The races had become so popular, the half marathon and the full marathon now had to be held on two separate days. This race day bifurcation led to another interesting development. It was now theoretically possible for a runner to run both races, so the team decided that if someone was goofy enough to do that, they deserved a medal. And thus, Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge was born with just over 2,300 runners receiving the first Goofy medal for their 39.3 mile accomplishment.
Through the years, “the Goofy” has been a favorite with our runners as well as a unique offering in the running industry. Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This next year, runDisney is adding a 10K race to our Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend line-up, joining our already popular 5K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. And you guessed it (we couldn’t help ourselves), we are now offering the Dopey Challenge to those runners who conquer ALL FOUR of our races. That’s right…completing the 5K, the 10K, the Half Marathon and the Full Marathon in the four consecutive days will earn you the Dopey Challenge Medal. That coveted piece of hardware will be clanging around the necks of our finishers with the Mickey Marathon medal, the Donald Half medal, the 5K Family Fun Run medal, the Goofy Challenge medal, and the new Minnie 10K medal.
Six medals for 48.6 miles over four days. I think I am just Dopey enough to do it. Come join me!
Ugh! Do I do it or "just" do the Goofy? I don't want to be at Disney for four days, especially the day of the 5K...What would I do all day long after the race? If it was condensed into two days, I'd absolutely do it. For example, do the half on Saturday morning, then the 10K late afternoon, then on Sunday run the marathon in the morning and shuffle through the 5K later on. I know Disney won't do that though because they want the runners out of the park before it opens to the public. Not to mention it would probably cost $600 or so just to enter, then add in the additional hotel nights and the flight change fee. Paying $320 for the Goofy is bad enough!

What's up with giving medals to 5K finishers??? Is this the future of running? Is it becoming like Little League where if you show up - no matter how terrible you are - you get the same recognition as the best player on the team? Which is not to imply that I'm the best - far from it, but finishing a marathon is significantly more difficult than finishing a 5K, and I feel really jaded when races give the same medal to the 5K folks as to the full marathon people. Heck I don't even like when the half and full get the same medal.


  1. OK..Not gonna LIE...This does look REALLY Cool! I actually asked my husband to run the "GOOFY Challenge" The worst thing about is training in the winter but you would really be coming down from a fall marathon.
    It definitely looks VERY intriguing. I Really want to be out there January 2014. I may just have to MAKE IT Happen!

    BTW...Did you feel well enough to run? I am sorry to hear that your not feeling well. You have been incredible about your training and even delaying that 22 miler you still have solid training under your belt.

    Hope you are feeling better~

    1. Thanks. I still feel terrible, but Hal kept whispering "Just try it." Wound up doing 22.28 and it was AWFUL!!!!!

    2. Oh Gosh Michelle that sucks. I am impressed though! For what its worth..YOU ROCK! I was cracking up after I saw you posted about the Disney "Detroit Runner posted about it today too!
      I am going to look into some packages and see about doing it.

      Now are you doing a 20 miler too?

      I have a 20 miler to do Thursday. UGH. That is the unofficial beginning of my taper. I can't wait!

    3. I am done done done with long runs. Hal says to do 12 next Saturday then 8 the following. I don't presume for a second that I know better than him :))))

      I think I've decided to do "just" the Goofy, even though I feel like a total wimp for it. Financially the Dopey doesn't make sense. I can do it in the future if it's important, but the GOOFY has been goal / dream for a year now.