Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yeah, I registered

The registration price for the Martian marathon increases in two weeks. Of the five different courses I've run (having done the Free Press twice) the Martian is by far the worst. It's sooooooo boring. It's somehow worse than being on a dreadmill for 4+ hours.

Yet I registered before the price increase. I should know better by now. Last year I didn't know how bad it was, this year I'm doing it because it'll enable me to do 4 in 4 weeks. Plus it's practically in my back yard. 

Initially two of my friends were planning to run that morning as well. Indy was going to do the half, but he's still hurting and not training from his foot injury. Ironman might do the full, but everything is up in the air until he hears about a job for which he interviewed. What's funny is that he ran it last year, but we didn't know each other then. For what it's worth, I smoked him time wise :D The other runners I know never planned to run it. Nita will be traveling to Boston for the big race, Green Hat is training for the Bayshore marathon later in the spring. The middle school secretary is limiting her races for financial reasons. She said what they are but I don't remember. Refinishing the basement, maybe? I'll probably be out there all alone :(

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