Sunday, March 31, 2013

You might be a runner if...

Everyone has their own version of this list. Here's mine.

You might be a runner if....

You’re on a first name basis with Hal Higdon, refer to him as your boyfriend, and everyone in your life knows who you mean.

Your GPS watch has a gender and name.

Waking up at 4am and slathering your body with Vaseline makes sense.

You spend Christmas and birthday money on race entries.

You regularly hop in the shower fully clothed after hot runs.

You have clothing and a plan for every temperature from 7 to 87 degrees.

You refer to anything under 5 miles as a “baby” or “quickie” run.

You’ve used the adjective “only” or “easy” in the same sentence as 12-miler.

Your mom mends your SmartWool socks because they're too expensive to replace because of a little hole.

You've said no to good dates because they would interfere with scheduled long runs.

You complain about not being able to get enough calories before a long run.

You know your running and exercise schedule 4 months ahead of time.

You schedule trips around races.

You know the location of every water fountain in a 10-mile radius.

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  1. You Pee your pants and think nothing of it!