Thursday, April 11, 2013

And the hits just keep on comin'

New forecast for Saturday: SNOW!!!! Not only that, 20 mph winds!!!! Grrrrr I'm not a happy camper!!! I put away my freezing cold weather clothing. Do I need to find it again? I don't like my tights!!!! They serve their purpose, but they aren't nearly as comfortable as my shorts. Besides, no pockets to hold my 2 packs of gel bites, my chapstick and my tissue because I know my nose will be running like a faucet in that cold. Bah!

The Martians did send a serious email addressing the weather:

*ATTENTION MARTIAN RUNNERS - Here on the Green Planet, we dig water, heck our planet is mostly covered in water. That said, there is always a chance of a bit of water covering the Invasion course! The 5K and 10K have no flood issues but the half and full are run through a flood plain. In the 15 year history of the event  flooding has never been an issue and we hope this is the case again.

Hines Drive is closed due to flooding today but we have time for the water to recede with no significant rain in the forecast tomorrow and tomorrow night. But if there is a flood issue, not to worry, we do have an alternate course so the race will go on! The alternate course will be measured to certification specifications but will be pending certification until the paperwork is done.*

Is this going to be the first ever ice skating, swimming, running triathlon??? Sure seems that way!

If there's even the remote possibility of an alternate course - which seems really likely at this point - just announce the change and post the new route so we can get used to the idea. The worst thing would be showing up on race day, running the first mile THEN finding out oops! This isn't the normal course! I can deal with bad, I can handle changes, but the uncertainty is stressing me.

I'm number 10033. Crappy miserable weather AND an odd number???? I was hoping for an even number! This is seriously going to rival Indianapolis for my worst race ever, and I never thought that would be topped, what with the sleet, rain storm and FLU!!!! Bah! The misery!!!

Can someone have a cup of steaming coffee for me at the finish???? This size ought to be a good start :) And an electric blanket please???


  1. Oh My Goodness Michelle. I am so sorry. I was thinking about you all day yesterday.
    Ok. You totally have crappy conditions to the 3 power.
    But YOU know it. So know you have less than a day to train one more part of your body...YOUR MIND.
    Go into this prepared.
    You will have a all over better outcome making the best of the very worst.
    I believe that despite the conditions you are still going to do great. Even if you do not PR..You can still have fun. That is part of this whole running thing too..We have to enjoy it. Go out there laugh with others that are miserable and try to have fun!!
    I am rooting for you!!

    1. The one consolation I have is that I never once considered not running. Come hell or high water (both of which are extremely likely) I'll be there. It's not a question of IF I get through it, but HOW I drag myself through 5 hours of misery :( Time to woman up and get it done!!!!