Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another race, another alternate course

Lansing made it official today:

Unfortunately, due to the Flood Warning for the Red Cedar River that extends into Monday evening, race organizers and City of Lansing officials are modifying this Sunday's Lansing Marathon and Half Marathon Courses. The original course route was designed to incorporate a double loop using almost 7 miles of the Lansing River Trail. Portions of this trail will likely be underwater at the peak of the projected flood stage Saturday night.

We are implementing a contingency course that we designed some months back. The new course will follow the same basic layout, including an out and back loop in the neighborhoods southeast of Forest and Auerlius Roads. The course will retain a portion of the Lansing River Trail from Beech St to Adado Riverfront Park, a stretch of the trail we do not expect will flood. Race and City officials will monitor the course to make sure it is race worthy right up until the event start time.
Please check this website frequently for further updates, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, @Lansing Marathon.

We will redeploy our resources along the new route. This change will in no way affect our level of security or safety for our participants, volunteers and spectators. We are working with City of Lansing public services... police, fire and emergency medical, to provide the safest environment possible for all concerned. We thank the City for their utmost cooperation as we make this unprecedented change, and we thank our participants for their understanding.
I haven't run the original course so it doesn't really faze me to run a different course. I knew the original design was a 2-loop course, I'd assume the new one is as well, but it doesn't really matter. I'll get through it. Although I did NOT just see the part about the out and back loop... la la la la la I don't see that!!!!

I just REALLY hope Toledo isn't flooded because that course is WONDERFUL. I've raved about it to every runner I've met or talked to in the past year. Somehow there is ONE hill. Everything else is flat or downhill. That's my kind of course!!!

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