Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Forcing recovery when time is not an option

After the Lansing marathon, both of my quads ached and felt as hard as rocks. This is to be expected. They were both extremely sore on Monday, but by Tuesday morning, the right one had started feeling a little better. Left, however, didn't want to support weight or initiate movement. Once I was already moving it was fine, but getting started was painful.

Of my remaining spring marathons, I really really want to do Cincinnati. I'd like to do Toledo, but that's the one I could give up more easily. I looked at their website to see about the prospect of deferring my entry to next year and it's not an option. So my choices are try or don't try. What did Yoda say? "Do or do not. There is no try."

I had gone for a little walk on Monday but it wasn't enough to burn out the lactic acid, so I went to the gym immediately from work on Tuesday to bike a half hour. All the upright bikes were being used so I had to settle for a recumbent the first 15 minutes, then was able to use my preferred bike. It felt good. Did a deep standing pigeon pose on the seat.

Stopped at Target on the way home for a foam roller. I've seen instructions to make your own and they're easy enough, but time is of the essence right now. I rolled my thigh and hip on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday morning. I can feel a huge knot in my quad, so that's good because it means the swelling has gone down. The rolling seems to be helping but I can only handle it for a few seconds before I need to move to a new position.

The remedy for any running injury is RICE. The REST component is obvious. For COMPRESSION I've been wearing my Spanx girdle all week to compress my hip and thigh. I can't tell if it's helping or not.

I feel somewhat better today. I'll keep compressing and rolling, then go to yoga on Friday and we'll see.
My friend's husband is a graphic designer and he combined my two Martian photos so my eyes are open on the good picture. It's not terrible when my eyes are open!!! :)

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