Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm so excited

"Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen
Tonight we'll put all other things aside
... I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
... Sweet memories will last for a long, long time"

The race countdown is in single digits and part of me feels completely unprepared in any way, shape or form to run 4 marathons in 4 weeks. Yet every single time I've driven to a marathon, and especially while waiting at the start line, the only thing I can comprehend is the enormity of what I'm about to attempt, and every time I think there's no possible way I can run 26 miles in the next few hours. Yet I've had that doubt six times and all six times I've finished.

So there's that, but the bigger part of me is sooooooo excited for my races. The more I learn about each of the races, the more excited I feel. Cincinnati in particular is going to be my favorite race. I can tell. They finally announced the "extra recognition" for participants in the 4-way challenge. It's a "VERY cool shirt." A shirt? Seriously? It better say I did it 4 ways in Cincinnati lol (Incidentally I'm going to tape a message on the back of my race day shirt with athletic tape: Doing it 4 ways in Cincy. Sorry. I think the double entendre is absolutely hilarious. I wonder if the entendres crossed their minds when they named the 3-way and 4-way challenges).

Anyway, I asked if we also get the 5k and 10k medals in addition to the biggie for the marathon. Yes, we do. Not a separate medal specific to the 4-way, but 3 identical medals. ummm ok. I wonder if they're all the same size, and what do I do with three of the same medal???

Several people asked if there is bacon on the course? Mmm... bacon.... The FP answered that they discourage eating the mascot :) Someone else asked where is "The Wall?" It was phrased as though there is a physical wall somewhere. I hope we get to run through it.

There are 100 live bands and entertainment on the course. Distraction every quarter mile???? I dig it!!!!

I can see why every review I've read of the Pig claims it's the best race the runner ever did. Proctor and Gamble is the major sponsor and in past years they've given tote bags and samples, which seems planned again this year.

The Pig doesn't have a sell-out number, and while the streets may re-open forcing stragglers to the sidewalk, volunteers wait at the finish line until the bike patrols report that every single runner has cleared the course, so every runner who physically can finish gets to do so, regardless of how long it takes. The finish line stays open until every runner gets their medal and a hug from the pig. How can you not love this race????

On Wednesday night I dreamt that I finished the Martian in 4:47:11. It would be a 10:58 improvement over Columbia City, and my goal is a 10-minute improvement. Running has stopped dominating just my waking hours. Now it's taking over my sleep too :D


  1. I knew you were running 4 marathons but I had NO idea you were running them in 4 weeks! You are a BEAST! I am so excited for you. I may just look into one of these...I would love to run another last minute marathon for fun..Fun...LOL..
    I am so amazed you are doing all these so soon..You get my wheels turning.....

    1. After I did 3 in 4 weeks last fall chasing 5 hours, I figured why not do 4 in 4? I won't know until I try. Plus they're all close by :) Let me know if you're running any of them and I'll look for you!