Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recovery and Boston (they're related)

After the race I shuffled through a slow walk on Sunday, forcing my legs to move, no matter how stiff and sore my quads and hips felt. I wore my Vibrams to work on Monday and things felt even better - still not good, but everything was improving according to schedule and my biggest complaint was the blister on my toe. I had drained it, but there was still too much loose skin.

I have to carb load again in anticipation of Lansing on Sunday and on the way to Kroger I heard one of the hosts on 97.1. Naturally I picked it up mid-story and he was saying he wasn't surprised, if anything he was surprised it hadn't happened sooner or at a stadium. Then he said we have a marathon here in Detroit in the near future.

The dots immediately connected. Boston! Nita! I probably checked her blog 15 times, looking for the post that she was ok!

Two women from work checked with me, to make sure I wasn't there. Sindi is very nice, but we rarely talk outside of our department meetings (We work for the same company but work in different districts). She texted "Hey this is Sindi. I don't think that Boston is the marathon you were getting a number for but now I'm not sure. Hope you are home and safe!! Please text back." I did, immediately.

A few hours later Jillian texted as well, "Michelle! You weren't at that marathon were you?!?!"

I assured them both my race was local and that I was home safe and secure. The teachers on Tuesday all asked if I was ok, that they had been worried because they knew I had a race that weekend and they didn't see me on Monday (when I'm at a different school).

After a few hours the news saturation was way too much and I wanted to escape. I needed to go for a run, leave the gps watch at home, and just go until my head was clear. Running is normal, it's natural, and it's something that makes sense. Besides, it's really hard to stay angry or sad or ruminating when the endorphins are flowing, or when you're more focused on breathing. Is it any wonder my brother and I went for a long run together on September 11, 2001?

Unfortunately my legs weren't ready to run just yet, so I told my friend I needed to watch the Berenstein Bears or something, maybe Full House, something simple where everything always works out fine.

I save Post Secrets that I really like and here are a few to restore faith in humanity.

My upcoming races are all scheduled to proceed as planned. Each has posted to their websites that they might have minor changes to security or using more course marshals, but every race will go as scheduled.

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