Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The last week to lose

In mid-January I got serious about the marathons and fully committed to my running and improving my time, regardless of how extreme it might seem. I started going to bed at 11 pm every night, which is sometimes difficult for a night owl like me. I've upgraded my training to regularly include speed intervals and inclines, and I've lost weight, because Hal said I would have my best times at my lightest weight.

My weight is holding steady at about a 10 pound loss. One day I was down 11.8, but it was after my 22-miler when I was severely dehydrated so it wasn't a true loss. Some days are better than others, but I haven't been deviating too much from 10. I wanted to lose 13, and I still have two weeks until the Martian, but this is the last week to lose weight.

I normally weigh myself every morning, but next week Tuesday has to be the last day. After that I need to be more focused on eating well, avoiding all processed food and chemicals, and begin carb loading starting on Wednesday. Calories are a source of FUEL and therefore a source of ENERGY, so I can't adequately prepare for a marathon while limiting my fuel.

Years ago I wanted to reach this weight and bribed myself. If I hit my goal weight, I could buy the entire series of Beverly Hills 90210 on dvd lol. When I hit goal +5 (where I've been for 2 weeks) I would buy myself a black patent leather Hello Kitty purse. Now I'm just waiting for Amazon to mark it on sale. A little bribery is a good motivator :)

The good thing about this week is that it's spring break, so I'm away from the germy students, living in my bubble, and I tend to eat better when I'm not at work. The bad is that I'm not getting paid :(


  1. Michelle,
    Love your commitment. Great job at keeping the weight off. You did shock me with the "Good Job gift" to yourself. I figured it would be something encircled around running! LOL.


    1. If I need something for running, I'll buy it. My bribe / reward had to be something frivolous I wouldn't normally buy myself :)