Thursday, May 16, 2013

10 days, zero miles, no withdrawl

After my success at Columbia City in November, I was flying high and wanted to keep running. I had major "post-race let-down" and just wanted to keep running forever!

Yeah, no such reaction this time. I was just over it, even before I ran the Flying Pig marathon. I texted my friend at 5:30 am that day and said I'm over it! It's not fun anymore. Going to bed at 8:30 pm, waking up at 4am and slathering my body with Vaseline, trying to force myself to ingest 1000 calories before sunrise - it all became a huge chore and no part of marathoning was worth it anymore.

Fast forward to Saturday. I haven't missed a weekend run since I had stress fractures in spring 2011. Last weekend, however, no desire whatsoever! I had been looking forward to staying home and watching tv and relaxing. It's exactly what I did and I loved it!

I let several more days go by and still no desire to run. It finally got to Thursday, eleven days after the last race and I realized I needed to get going again, or I was going to lose it, lose my cardio capacity, lose my muscle tone, gain back the weight, so I forced myself to run after work. It wasn't a great day to run - 85 degrees! Yikes! I wanted to do a quickie little run of about two miles. I did 2.15, which was quite good enough.

I had considered the Great Lakes Bay marathon for months. It's close enough, but now that it's here, I have no desire to go do it. The medal is nice, the shirt is nice, but neither is incentive enough to do another marathon. My body still feels beat up and exhausted and I don't need to abuse it again this soon.

I'm getting back together with my boyfriend Hal in June, but until then, I'm taking it easy with 1-2 midweek runs and a Saturday run of no more than 1 hour.

He says I can take one full day for every mile of the marathon. Since Cincy was 35.5, so I really get over a month of no running??? :D


  1. Michelle, You still rock! Running is supposed to be be fun too. I have been wanting to do another marathon so bad. Nothing seems to be working out, I think I am going to do the Ann Arbor Marathon only I have not ran more that 12 miles since Boston April 15. That was almost a month ago.
    What do you think?? I was going to try and run 16 miles tomorrow and see how I feel. I have maintained my mileage between 30-40 miles a week, however I have not had any significant long run.

    It has to be fun though. I totally agree. You really packed a lot of marathons in there and had such a horrible winter to train. I think this made burn out easier.

    Keep It up Michelle, You really inspire me!

    1. You should absolutely do another! You have it in you!!!!! Wish I could join you in A2 but I'll be out of town. Perhaps Hell in September? The Free Press?