Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cincinnati review part 4 - Swag

I entered the Flying Pig marathon early, before any price increases. I paid $164, which was the combined cost of the three individual races. One of the more expensive races I've done, but then I look at everything I brought home, and it really wasn't that bad.

I got the P&G cooler, as a participant in the full marathon. It's always been a tote bag in the past, which I would have very much preferred. I don't need a cooler and I don't imagine I can re-gift it to anyone, or they will surely know it's a re-gift :)

Since I did 3 races, I got all three shirts. When I registered I had to specify my shirt size and I said large, to ensure the 26.2 tech shirt would fit. It does, but the cotton t-shirts are enormous. Luckily I was able to exchange them to mediums on Saturday. Smalls would have been better, but at least I'll wear the mediums outside of the house.

The theme this year was "The hero lies in all of us." Obviously Piggie is a superhero :)

I don't like the sponsor logos all over the back of the shirts. I'd pay an extra $5 to get sponsor free shirts. If all 33,000 runners did the same, that would offset the printing cost, yes? The pigtail on the back of the shirts is too cute.

All race participants got a poster. Since I did three races, yes, I got three posters. What in the world am I going to do with three posters??? Heck, what will I do with one? Each came in a box so they traveled home very well. Well, two of them did. While waiting to talk to the help desk about the extra 4-way stuff, I talked to a woman doing the relay. She didn't get a poster and was bummed about it. Naturally I offered her one of mine! I wasn't giving up anything of value to me, and it made her really happy, so it was a total no-brainer. I saw her again cheering at mile 14. My friend also wanted one of the posters, so I kept one.

My opinion of the poster ran the gamut from "What am I going to do with this?" to "It's kind of cute." to "I have birthday money and no plans for it. I'm getting Piggie dry mounted and framed." She's hanging in my kitchen :) Here's the picture from the full shirt. The only difference on the poster is that the 26.2 is a pig snout. Well and the sky is blue and has clouds, but I'm feeling too lazy to take a picture and upload it. Maybe later.

Since the 10k and 5k were back-to-back, the race organizers made the decision to withhold the 10k medallions from the 3-way and 4-way folk, so we wouldn't have to run the 5k wearing a medal. I had my fanny bag, so it would have been no problem, but it was totally ok. 

After the 5k, some volunteers had just the 5k medallions, others had both, so I went to a volunteer with both and picked up both. The ribbons are nothing special, but the medallions are adorable! They're the same design as the biggie medal - two sided :D The smaller ones are about the size of a half dollar, and they're slightly different shades of medal. Sweet little piglets! Btw I LOVE customized bibs - good incentive to register early.

After the full we got the biggie medal and it's SWEET! It's the size of a hockey puck and a solid 1/2" thick. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that the ribbon isn't pink. It has pink, but all my v-hoop medals hang facing left, so I see the black and white side on my hanger. It's a sweet medal. I would say one of my favorites, but that would be like ranking my favorite shoes, or my favorite nieces and nephew. I just can't pick because I love them all!

For the 4-way I got a shirt. At one point, the organizers said it was "a VERY cool shirt." Ummm we must have different ideas about cool shirts. I like that it's a long-sleeve tech. I like that it's women's cut, but ummm that's about it. It's too bad because the smallest change WOULD have made it a great shirt. On the front, if we deleted the Skyline logo, it would be great. Or if we switched the Pig and the logo, that would be fine too. I have no complaints about the back. 

I'll wear it to run because I like long sleeve tech shirts, but I don't run in my Free Press shirts because I don't want them to get sweaty and stretched out. I did wear this shirt to the elementary school on Friday when they had "crazy mis-matched day." I figured it's the ugliest shirt I could find on a minute's notice :(

We also got a plaque. It's nice enough - 8" x 10", but I don't see myself using it. Perhaps paint over the Skyline logo, maybe paint a bigger pig, but even aside from that, I have no real need for it. If I didn't have my medal hanger, I'd use it in a second, but my medals go on my hanger!!! Besides, I'm not sure about the ribbons. It definitely looks better to hang the medals on here without the ribbons, but I don't want to take apart my medals! Unfortunately I'll put it in the basement for now, rather than use it. It's nice, just no real use for it.

A LOT of 3-way and 4-way participants have asked for a separate medal next year, they want to make it like the Goofy or the Dopey, where we'd get the 5k, 10k, full (or half), AND a separate medal. This was the first year, so maybe they'll do it next year. The 4-way swag was nice enough, just could have been so much nicer with only the smallest changes.

Overall assessment of the swag: 9.5/10.

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