Thursday, May 30, 2013

The "early" morning run

Evidently we don't have spring in Michigan anymore. The weather goes from winter immediately to summer, both of which are awful for running.

The Thursday forecast was mid-80s, humid and sunny, not exactly weather that inspires me to run. Besides, even if I managed a run after work, I'd have to shower and wash my hair again before night school and it would be super easy to talk myself out of a run. I haven't run since Monday though and two runs a week won't get me ready to start training with Hal.

The other alternative would be to run before work, and when I woke up well before my alarm, it seemed like an even better idea. I made it outside at 7:40 and it was already super humid. Gross! I ran 3.2 miles, a slight improvement over Monday's 3.15, and it was hot and yucky. I was pouring sweat, which made me dehydrated and I was glad it was only a 3-miler today.

After, however, I felt great! Running first thing inspires me to eat better all day, and now I can relax between my day and night jobs, without a run hanging over my head.

The one good thing about hot weather running is that after 10 steps I'm warmed up, my muscles are warm, and my joints are loose. There's none of the creaky old woman feeling that goes with many winter runs, where I have to lurch through the first miles until my body warms up.

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