Thursday, June 20, 2013

Done! Stood on the Prime Meridian

Much like the time I "dated" a Storm Trooper, standing on the Prime Meridian was never on the bucket list because it didn't occur to me until the opportunity was right in front of me.

I was invited to go on a trip to London and Paris, both of which I've seen before, so I thought outside the box to come up with new and different things I hadn't seen on previous trips. In London, that was going to Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian.

It was easy enough to get there - take the Tube to the Tower station, then change to the DLR (Docklands light rail). Alight after a few stops, walk ten minutes, and you're there. It's actually part of a huge park at the Royal Museums Greenwich. The park is free, but the special exhibits have a charge.

You can get thisclose to the meridian. You can see it, you can photograph it, but if you want to stand ON the line, you have to pay for entrance to the courtyard. It was free until last year, when the city began charging admission to the courtyard in anticipation of the Olympics. Bummer, yet they needed to finance the games. I didn't travel that far to just see the line, and in terms of London tourist stops, 7 pounds was a cheap one.

I walk the line, I walk the line....

There were exhibits on the history of how and why the meridian was created, the history of telescopes, determining sea location, telling time, etc. Outside of the meridian were a planetarium and an exhibit on aliens. The Royal Observatory also owns the Queens House - not Buckingham Palace, and I didn't pay to enter, so no idea what it is. It's the building directly behind me in the photo. Nearby was the Cutty Sark, a tall ship. I didn't pay for that either :)

The park afforded a nice skyline view of the city. Behind me just off the right side of the picture is the North Greenwich Arena, also known as the O2, home of the Les Miserables anniversary concert and the Olympic gymnastic events.

I guess now I need to stand on the equator and the International Date Line :)

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  1. How Very Very Cool Michelle! I love your pics!
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