Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 11

I've used Hal Higdon's novice 2 program to train for my races in spring 2012, fall 2012 and spring 2013. Knowing that I'll be running the Goofy 2-day event in December, and also knowing I have more time to train in the summer than in the winter, I decided to tackle the intermediate 1 program this summer, or at least start it and see how it goes. If it's too much, I can always drop back to the novice 2, which I pretty much have memorized by now.

The two big differences with the intermediate plan is that I'll be running 5 times a week instead of 4, and I'll have to run both Saturday and Sunday. I'm not a fan of Sunday running, but we'll see if the extra miles help me.

To train 18 weeks for Chicago, I have to start the week of June 9, so my first running day of the program will be Tuesday, June 11. There is a huge wrinkle in the first week, which I'll detail after I've defeated it :)

Happy running!!!!

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  1. Very cool that you will be running Chicago. I am glad to see you are out of the runners slump. I was getting worried for you when I would read that you just didn't feel like running. You have been such and encouragement to me.