Monday, June 24, 2013

Running in London

The first day in London we went for a long walk along the Thames River, seeing many of the sights - the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tate museum, etc. The whole time I kept seeing runners  along the riverwalk and I wanted to be one of them!

We crossed the river to see the sights on the other side and I saw a girl wearing a Toledo marathon shirt! We chatted for a minute, and that had to be a sign, yes?

By the time we checked into the hotel, I hadn't slept in 29 hours, I was exhausted and mega dehydrated, but my legs were itching to go run! It was in the low 70s and sunny - why would I pass up on that weather? Especially in London???

I laced up my shoes, turned on Baby Carmen and went for one of my top five favorite runs. I walked from the hotel to the river, then ran along the river to St. James Park, where I did two laps, then turned and doubled back the first part of the route.

The park was moderately crowded and there was a formal event happening in a few hours, if the ladies' big hats were any indication. Each lap passed the Mall, Buckingham Palace, the Cabinet War Museum and the Guards museum. It was crowded enough to be completely safe, but not so crowded as to interfere with running. Each lap was 1.1 miles. I wouldn't want to do 20 laps, but two was a good number.

Despite the lack of sleep, lack of water, lack of food, lack of energy, I felt GREAT! It wasn't my fastest run, certainly wasn't the further, but it was probably my favorite run ever (that wasn't a sub- 5-hour marathon :)

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